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Unley Mayor Hewitson starts his campaign ☹️

  In the heat of the current Federal election campaign, Unley Mayor Michael Hewitson is sending emails to residents across Unley asking them to support his bid at re-election in November. Strewth! Who wants to even think about a council election now?  🤪 He wrote: “Council elections coming up at the end of this year. I am being encouraged to run again … Should I decide to run again I will need your help to succeed.” I just wonder who is encouraging him to run again. Must be his family  😉 I can honestly say that not one of the Unley Councillors or staff members has told me that they are giving Michael any encouragement. In fact, one of the Councillors has posted on FB her displeasure with the mayor. She wrote: “The City of Unley’s Mayor’s recent conduct has found him guilty and in breach of the Local Council Act which he still thinks is silly.  The local media thinks the Mayor is about greater transparency for rate payers. If you read the legal report it will actually inform you that t