Best brawn in Berri


I just love good brawn.
I grew up on it, made by my Mum.
These days it’s hard to find a butcher that makes it; let alone good brawn.
Staying in the Riverland, at Lyrup for a few days.
Remembering a previous visit I went to the best traditional butcher in Berri
‘Berri North Butcher’
28 Zante Rd, Berri SA 5343

He has good customer service.
If you express interest in brawn he slices some + polish sausage + fritz + mettwurst and places it on butcher paper for you to try.
The brawn and the polish sausage were superb. The best I’ve tasted.
I left happy with a foot of polish sausage and a heap of sliced brawn.
Enough to last our stay at Lyrup with heaps to bring home.

So, if you’re near Berri, then pop in to the Berri North Butcher.