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Daylight Saving nonsense

 Gosh. I didn’t know that daylight saving is so bad for one’s health 🤔 I will take this article with a grain of salt.

Today’s SA vote count

  I just received an email from Premier Steven Marshall. He was telling me about his Strong Plan and how to vote. He’s cutting it a bit fine as today is voting day; besides like 10-15% of people I have already voted; a week ago. The media and local commentators are predicting a landslide swing to Labor. And to cover their arses, their predictions are qualified by statements like ‘but the swing to Labor may be in the wrong seats’. Then I heard the Liberal Spin Doctor Senator Simon Birmingham talking and interpreting what he said, even he is doubtful of the SA Liberals returning to Government. My thoughts: It is unlikely for the Liberals to form government in SA. 6 months ago I blogged that Steven Marshall should be replaced if the Liberals were to stand a chance of being re-elected. BTW I also said that Anthony Albanese should be replaced for Labor to have a chance of winning. On the local front it is unlikely that Unley Councillor (from Fullarton Ward) and Liberal candidate Ms Jordan D