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All poles gone!

  SA election 2022 Full marks to SA Environment Minister,  David Speirs  for committing to NOT use plastic corflute signs during the election campaign. He agrees with me (and most residents) about the visual and environmental pollution of corflutes. Other candidates are putting them up everywhere. I cringe when I see them on stobie and light poles. On another matter … I’m sure that candidates know their electoral boundaries, but that doesn’t stop them erecting signs outside the boundary. Driving along Leader Street (Goodwood/Forestville/Everard Park) I noticed that:  David Pisoni  (Unley) has signs in Badcoe;  Jayne Stinson  (Badcoe) has signs in Unley; and  Jordan Dodd  (Badcoe) has signs in Unley. The candidates just go into a frenzy and erect their signs in any vacant space. Sad to see this pollution in our streets.