Unley Council cuts libraries

 Just so sad to see Unley Council reducing the open hours at the Goodwood and Unley libraries. A cut of 7.5 hours per week.

Council even decided to not consult the community!

There has been much angst in the community about the cuts.

All because the Council has out-spent its budget.

According to statistics, the cut will impact 204 visits per week (10,608 per year).

Here is an extract from the Council minutes of 08 Nov 2021.

See how your local councillor voted on the proposal.


City of Unley Council  8 Nov 2021 


MOVED Councillor P. Hughes SECONDED Councillor M Rabbitt

That: 1.   The report be received.

2. The proposed changes to opening hours for the Goodwood and Unley Libraries as set out on pages 18-19 of Item 4.1

(Council Meeting 8 November 2021) be endorsed.

IN FAVOUR of the MOTION: Councillors P. Hughes, M. Rabbitt, M. Broniecki, S. Dewing, J. Russo and E. Wright

AGAINST THE MOTION: Councillors J. Boisvert, J. Dodd, D. Palmer, K Anastassiadis and J. Bonham

The MOTION was declared CARRIED Resolution No. C0640/21

Well done for those who opposed the cuts:

Councillors J. Boisvert, J. Dodd, D. Palmer, K. Anastassiadis and J. Bonham