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Unley Council politics

  It seems that Unley Council has become a spring board into State politics. In the recent past we’ve had 2 mayors and now first-term Fullarton councillor Ms Jordan Dodd attempting to move to the SA Parliament. The election is a year away, yet so far I’ve found 2 glossy Liberal brochures about Jordan in my letterbox. Jordan is trying to win the seat of Badcoe and it will be a tough fight against the well entrenched Labor MP Jayne Stinson. I’m surprised that Jordan is running in Badcoe. It will be a tough fight. I would have preferred to see her running in the ultra safe Liberal seat of Unley, to replace David Pisoni MP. I think it’s time for a generational change in Unley and it would have been smarter for the Liberals to parachute Jordan into Unley. That’s my thoughts.