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Unley's slow letters

 Residents in Everard Park are furious about the City of Unley's tardy postage of notification letters about a scheduled planning meeting to decide a planning application in Everard Park. Residents didn't turn up at the meeting to make representation because they were not notified prior to the meeting. Some got a letter a few hours before and others have yet to receive a letter in their mailbox. Its just not good enough. And it is not fair to blame Australia Post. We all know that postal deliveries are slow and Unley Council should have planned around this and posted the letters much earlier. A local resident is so furious that has sent a letter to The Advertiser and copied the 2 local councillors. Here's an extract (in blue) of his email (with minor edits) ...  Hi,   I would like to comment on a development application ...   A ‘non-compliant’ application was submitted to the Unley Council,  to build a 4 story(5 if you include the plant and equipment on the roof). The zonin

Great shopping in Goodwood

Found this photo online, courtesy of City of Unley. I reckon it's a photo of me walking along Goodwood Road in front of the Goodwood Butcher shop. Same blue shirt and cap. Thanks Unley