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Unley rates penalty

  I’m annoyed with #Unley Council. I always pay my bills and the Council rates on time. Anyway, I recently received a red coloured bill from Unley; an overdue notice with a penalty fee for the quarterly payment of rates. I was slapped with a penalty and a short time to pay with a warning ‘if the amount remains unpaid after the due date your account may be forwarded to Council’s collection agency’ . Sure, Councils need to collect and recover rates; but the fact is I never received the original bill by mail . I would have thought that Unley Council would have sent me (or any other log-term resident with a good track record) a gentle warning asking RUOK and if an extension is needed. Given Covid-19, surely that would have been the way to go. Council records would have shown that I have always paid by the due date. How many other residents were affected by not receiving the rates payment notice by mail? Lets face it, many letters are having a slow delivery via Australia Post

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