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Unley must tighten its belt

  Unley Council needs to take a fiscal reality check about spending $6.1m on a second stage redevelopment of an Unley Oval Grandstand. The project may have merit, but it is irresponsible to add huge debt just after spending $15.5m on upgrading King William Road. Ratepayers will bear this new debt by future rate rises. I urge Unley Council to postpone the project for a few years until the growing debt is reduced. It’s simply time to tighten the belt ✅ It’s time for Unley to recalibrate its fiscal strategy ✅

Decanting red wine 🍷

 I get lots of emails from wineries spruiking their wines 🍷 don’t we all? Anyway, the latest was from a Coonawarra winemaker who explained that his 2019 Shiraz was a bit ‘tight’. He gave a great tip on how to loosen it, rather than decant it. A great tip for when you open a red ... see the winemaker’s comments below 🍷 While this vintage is tighter than Kylie's gold hotpants - all is not lost. A tight wine usually refers to young wine, and it can be applied to a wine's aromas, flavours or structure. Being tight isn't always a bad thing. In fact, it's kind of a backhanded compliment.  So how do you loosen up a tight wine? Pour a single glass for starters. Whack the lid back on and 'shake it like a polaroid picture' Alternatively, if Outkast is not your thing you can just gently roll the bottle on its side which creates a greater surface area for the wine, allowing it to breath. Consider this a cheeky wine saving way of decanting in the bottle. Tannins bind toget