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Silent Unley

I was speaking with a resident who tuned in to listen to a recent #Unley Council meeting when the new tree planting plan was approved. The resident was annoyed that many elected members commented that so few residents had responded to the plan. That got her really mad. She commented that these days (and over the past year) the residents received little communication from Unley Council. The Messenger has gone (and you can only access it online via a subscription). The Council magazine Unley Life has disappeared. Haven’t seen one for a couple of years. If it is delivered then it’s lost in amongst the junk mail. There have been no newsletters from the councillors or mayor. Actually there was one recently delivered to some streets asking people to respond to the Tree Plan, but it was delivered after the close date for submissions. Residents are not happy with the lack of communication from Council. It’s just not good enough. Especially during Covid-19, council should have made a c