Creek sign

A week ago Unley Mayor Mike Hewitson said that he would get a sign up on Third Avenue, Everard Park to explain what was happening with the creek excavation works between Anzac Highway and Third Avenue.
Still no sign and many locals don’t fully understand what is happening.
Lots of chatter about the extent of the work eg. will it continue up the creek towards the swimming pool and will the Third Avenue bridge be replaced.
How hard is it to print a sign, laminate it and erect it near the bridge on Third Avenue.
It is just common courtesy to keep the locals informed about local works.


  1. At this time the funding is only for what you see. Wilberfoce Walk is not as yet funded and when it is there is no intention, at this stage, of using a culvert rather than an open channel. All trees should be able to be preserved.


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