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Fantastic first footy 😷

What a great NRL match last night with the Eels thrashing the Broncos in Brisbane. A great release after so so long without any footy. A fast and furious game. It’s a pity that one of the 3 major sponsors (Hisense TVs) with their logo splashed across the ‘oval’ was a foreign company (China). I would have preferred to see only Aussie companies sponsoring the match. I enjoyed the game, but I won’t be buying a Hisense  😷

Creek sign

A week ago Unley Mayor Mike Hewitson said that he would get a sign up on Third Avenue, Everard Park to explain what was happening with the creek excavation works between Anzac Highway and Third Avenue. Still no sign and many locals don’t fully understand what is happening. Lots of chatter about the extent of the work eg. will it continue up the creek towards the swimming pool and will the Third Avenue bridge be replaced. How hard is it to print a sign, laminate it and erect it near the bridge on Third Avenue. It is just common courtesy to keep the locals informed about local works .

Third Avenue, Everard Park 🌴

Works are in progress in Keswick Creek, between Third Avenue and Anzac Highway. I was told by a worker that at the upstream entrance to the culvert under Anzac Highway there was ‘a big fat palm tree in the creek that would have slowed the flow’. It is believed that this was a major cause of annual flooding in Third Avenue over the years. Due to the dense vegetation along this privately owned section of the creek, it had been difficult to identify a blockage at Anzac Highway. Anyway, it’s a good outcome and hopefully when the current works are complete in June 2020 there will be a reduced likelihood of the annual flooding in Third Avenue.

New Forestville murals

Some fantastic murals have appeared in and near the Forestville railway underpass. Walk past and have a look. They certainly tart up this neglected area.

Wilberforce 'Creek' works

At last residents near Wilberforce Walk in Everard Park have received an update on what is happening to the creek between Third Avenue and Anzac Highway. Here's a link to detailed information. Wilberforce Creek works Bugger it, the link doesn't work. If you want a copy, contact Unley Council. It's a good document and the design looks good. The shared pathway will make easy access to Anzac Highway. It's just a pity that the information wasn't circulated a couple of weeks before the creek works commenced. It's not good enough to simply leave us all in the dark. Why didn't #Unley Mayor Michael Hewitson (or perhaps the 2 local councillors) walk the area and explain what was happening.