Unley Mayor Hewitson upsets locals ❌

The residents of Everard Park (and some in Black Forest) are still furious with #Unley Council’s recent decision to approve the high rise development at Life Care aged care, bordered by Norman Terrace, Fourth Avenue and Ross Street.
Unley Council simply ignored the wishes of the locals.
It’s hell bent on high rise provided a few trees will be planted.

After the decision, the Mayor (Michael Hewitson) sent an email to the residents.
It basically said we listened to your objections, but for the greater good of Unley we voted for the high rise.
Given that the Mayor is the spokesperson for Council, it’s a shocking communication from Council.

Here’s a copy of the Mayor’s email sent on 24 March 2020 ...

Dear Concerned Residents

Council voted unanimously this week to support an amended DPA for Norman Terrace. Councillors recognised that the decision would be unpopular but rather than seek political gain, they took the hard but necessary approach and voted for it. We believed this is in the best interests of both the wider community of Unley and our local residents who strongly objected to the original 5 storey proposal.

“Be careful what you wish for” is an ancient cautionary tale. The 4 storey height, located so that it can’t be seen from the other side of the street above two storey buildings around the perimeter (preventing overlooking) will allow for a smaller footprint. This, in turn, will allow for a much greater area capable of being landscaped and to allow for Council’s agreed position (unlike the last Council) that future development maintain at least 15% tree cover. A reduced height would result in a greater footprint on the site with much less green space.

Had Council not adopted the current solution, a development that the Minister might accept on Norman Terrace could be another Culross Ave, Fullarton. A development lacking in landscaping creating a HOT environment and resulting in overlooking. A result we believe you are not looking for!

With my best wishes,
Mayor Michael Hewitson AM
City Of Unley  83725111