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Unley land acquisitions near creek

See today’s Tiser, pages 52-53. There are 8 Public Notices about land acquisition by Unley Council. I suspect it is for the land (the creek section) along Wilberforce Walk, from Third Avenue to Leah Street. I just hope that with the planned flood mitigation works along Wilberforce Walk that the old pre-settlement aged gum tree is saved. We must fight to save this magnificent tree  ✅ What is it about public notices. They don’t have detail re the location of the affected land. Why not add a bit of plain English text describing the general location eg. adjacent to Wilberforce Walk from Third Avenue to Leah Street!!? People in the locality want to know, wherever it is. Just poor communication from #Unley Mayor Michael Hewitson.

Covid-19 Anzac Day

What a great way to observe Anzac Day, with a candle at the end of our driveway at 6am. Good to see other people and lights along the street. Wonderful to hear the bugle which seemed to coming from the NE, maybe Forestville or was it from Keswick Army Barracks. Actually I heard 2 bugles in the area. This might become the new way to observe Anzac Day; from our driveway. By my estimate, this year there was a far greater attendance (in the driveway or on the balcony) than at the formal events at war memorials; by a factor of 3-4-5+ times. It would have to be the biggest Anzac Day ‘ attendance’; ever. I suspect (and would like) that this catches on. In the future, attendance will be down at the formal events. People will continue observing the day at 6am in their driveways and out on the street. Next year I will be in my driveway, joining the neighbours on the street, listening to local bugles and then later watching the formal events on TV. I think that this will be the new

Unley Mayor Hewitson upsets locals ❌

The residents of Everard Park (and some in Black Forest) are still furious with #Unley Council’s recent decision to approve the high rise development at Life Care aged care, bordered by Norman Terrace, Fourth Avenue and Ross Street. Unley Council simply ignored the wishes of the locals. It’s hell bent on high rise provided a few trees will be planted. After the decision, the Mayor (Michael Hewitson) sent an email to the residents. It basically said we listened to your objections, but for the greater good of Unley we voted for the high rise. Given that the Mayor is the spokesperson for Council, it’s a shocking communication from Council. Here’s a copy of the Mayor’s email sent on 24 March 2020 ... Dear Concerned Residents Council voted unanimously this week to support an amended DPA for Norman Terrace. Councillors recognised that the decision would be unpopular but rather than seek political gain, they took the hard but necessary approach and voted for it. We be