Will Unley Council listen?

Tonight is decision day at Unley Council for the mega high rise aged care facility in Everard Park. Whispers from some councillors is that there will probably be approval for an upper limit of 4 storey instead of 5 storey.
The only commonsense decision would be a limit of 3 storey on Norman Terrace and 1 storey on Fourth and Ross Streets 
But will there be a commonsense decision?
I suspect not! 
Tonight’s decision who help me determine who to vote for at the next election 
That’s how it works.
The sad thing is that this huge development would not be allowed in central Unley or further east. But in the west it’s ok to muck up the area.
Maybe I will be pleasantly surprised by the decision, but the whispers are strong.
I really doubt that #Unley Council will do what the local residents have said in their feedback.
The Council can not go against the wishes of the residents.