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Unley Highrise in Everard Park

Unley Council has lost its way and understanding of the community in supporting a 5 storey development of Life Care aged facility on Norman Terrace, Everard Park. Mayor Michael Hewitson should not have supported this proposal to go ahead. It should have been reduced to 3 storey before going out for public consultation. Within days of the recent public meeting (attended by 100 residents) one family in Ross Street has put their home up for sale. They moved into a quiet street and don’t want to be confronted with a 2 storey building across the road, rising to 5 storey on Norman Terrace. Word on the street (and from a couple of councillors) is that #Unley will vote for the 5 storey on Norman, tapering down to 2 storey on Fourth and Ross. The only acceptable proposal is 3 storey on Norman and 1 storey on Fourth and Ross Street ✅ Will Unley Council truly listen to the locals and enact their wishes? I bet you a Bob that they don’t. It’s a bit of an irony that at the sam

Unley votes for TDU rate rise

Looks like there will be another Tour Down Start and Street Party on King William Road, Unley in January 2021. Trust me it will happen. And it will cost us hard hit ratepayers at least another 0.5% rate rise. Another rise well above CPI  ❌ At the Unley Council meeting on 28 Jan 2020, the following motion was    passed ... That: 1. The report be received. 2. An Expression of Interest for the City of Unley to be considered as an Official Host Council for the 2021 Tour Down Under Stage Start be lodged with Events SA. All Councillors voted for it  ❌ Essentially it was a vote to jack up the rates. We in the community should have been consulted before committing to a probable rate rise. The mayor Michael Hewitson should have stomped on this. But no, it’s party time again and up go the rates. Totally inappropriate given the huge rate rise last year. The Council will argue that it is only an expression of interest and not a firm commitment. Nonsense. This hap

Liberal Sam Duluk saga 😡

Premier Marshall must act now to end the destabilising saga of MP Sam Duluk. It’s unlikely that Mr Duluk will be re-elected at the next election. He needs to be encouraged to resign for the good of the party and the Parliament. Suggestions that he be moved sideways to sit as an Independent are stupid. He has blown any future career in politics. I urge Premier Marshall to act now. He should no longer stand behind his errant Liberal MP.