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KWRoad paving mixed design

I went for a walk along King William Road. Not many people shopping; saw about 20 people. Perhaps Wednesday is a quiet day. But good to see some people making the effort. Joybird (the new chicken shop) was busy; compared with the rest of the street. The mottled white pavers are being laid on the footpath and a mix of black and white pavers are being laid on the up-ramp parking places. Each brick is being laid by hand so I can understand why the finishing touches are scheduled for February 2020; after a pause during Dec-Jan. The white footpaths will look good, but the same can't be said about the mix of black and white in the parking sections. There is no order to the pattern; in fact there is no pattern. It's almost like the workers are placing them where they like; like which brick comes first off the pallet. Then, moving south near the newsagent, the black and white mix is gone and it becomes a swirly brown brick which looks terrible. I would recommend that this sect