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Goers on Unley

It was sheer agony last night listening to Peter Goers interview Unley Councillor Mike Hudson and Mayor Mike Hewitson about the road works on King William Road. Peter Goers from start to finish was hell bent on describing the road works as a disaster. The 2 Mikes did their best to survive the onslaught by Goers. Hudson did well and conceded that he shouldn't have supported the cost blow out project. Hewitson banged on about reusing the old road pavers (to fix our footpaths) and the issue of door mats to traders. Goers was just negative for the agonising 10-15 minutes. My scores for the interview: Peter Goers, score -1/10 Mike Hudson, score 7/10 Mike Hewitson, score 3/10 ps there are some interviews you shouldn't do 😉