Unley Life

I have a gripe about the delivery of Unley Council's quarterly magazine 'Unley Life'.
It arrived rolled with a pile of junk mail.
I very nearly threw the lot into the recycle bin, but thought I'd have a flick through ... maybe Stratco had a super bargain 😉
Given this method of delivery those 40% of residents with 'no junk mail' signs would not get the 'Unley Life'. Add a high % of others who often just toss the junk mail into the bin. So probably ~ 30% of residents are receiving the magazine.
At best, readership probably doesn't exceed 50%.
Maybe it's time for Unley Council to cut the 4 issues per year to 2 issues and use the money saved to pay for reliable distribution and personalised delivery.
That's my thought that I would like Unley Council to consider.

Oh BTW, a few days prior to accidentally getting the 'Unley Life', I also found the 'Mitcham Community News' amongst the junk mail in my letterbox. Proves my point about the unreliability of using third party delivery companies.
For the record the Mitcham Council magazine was a good read. Less glossy, lower cost and an informative read.
Perhaps Unley should look at the format of the Mitcham magazine.

Glossy and thicker paper doesn't make a better read.