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Unley Life

I have a gripe about the delivery of Unley Council's quarterly magazine 'Unley Life'. It arrived rolled with a pile of junk mail. I very nearly threw the lot into the recycle bin, but thought I'd have a flick through ... maybe Stratco had a super bargain 😉 Given this method of delivery those 40% of residents with 'no junk mail' signs would not get the 'Unley Life'. Add a high % of others who often just toss the junk mail into the bin. So probably ~ 30% of residents are receiving the magazine. At best, readership probably doesn't exceed 50%. Maybe it's time for Unley Council to cut the 4 issues per year to 2 issues and use the money saved to pay for reliable distribution and personalised delivery. That's my thought that I would like Unley Council to consider. Oh BTW, a few days prior to accidentally getting the 'Unley Life', I also found the 'Mitcham Community News' amongst the junk mail in my letterbox. Prove