Tram Stop 5 tree axed 😡

This morning ... just so sad to see a magnificent big tree cut down in Unley - next to the tram line, corner of Norman Terrace and Fourth Avenue in Everard Park.
A gathering of residents protested the removal.
I asked the tree feller (the guy with the chainsaw) why it was being removed.
His reply was that it was dead. 'Just dead branches Mate'.
Yet around the stump there was healthy green growth and shoots.
And it was healthy last year. This tree does lose its leaves.
None of the nearby residents knew of the planned removal. They just came out at the sound of a chainsaw.
On whose land was it? DPTI or Unley Council - always hard to tell around rail corridors.
A loss of another big Unley tree, probably to be replaced by a shrub.
Surely residents must be informed and consulted prior to tree removals.
I suspect that it was a DPTI removal.

Just sad.