Promise of Australia

What a fantastic 6 weeks holiday in the UK.
Nice, but very expensive.
The Poms are doing it tough, but don't really know it.
Petrol and diesel is exactly twice as much (as in Australia).
Food in the supermarkets is a bit more expensive. On the positive side, there's a huge choice of food from across Europe and beyond. Everything is available during all seasons. We bought some raspberries to have with Cornish clotted cream. The raspberries were from Morocco!
Wine (sold in the shops) is somewhat expensive and compared with the choice in Australia it is absolutely woeful. Even the Aussie wine available is very average stuff. Much of the wine has foreign language labels so it was pot luck as to what you picked. Even buying by price (paying a bit more) didn't help. Mostly muck!
Eating out at restaurants and cafes is expensive; costing twice as much. And I'm not talking about high end restaurants.

It was a fantastic experience, but after 6 weeks it was time to come home to 'the promise of Australia' 😉