Unley pics

I'm not easily impressed; or go WOW!
But, what a good looking new Unley Council!

I've just received the Council's magazine Unley Life and it features photographs of the newly elected Councillors. I must say that they are the best photos of elected members that I've ever seen.
Normally, like any Council, one or two stand out as dills; but not this time.
It's a good looking bunch.
The photographer needs to be congratulated.
Not a hair out of place; almost has that air-brush touch.

I spoke to Councillor Mike Hudson and he sang praise for his photo.
He said "Mate, I've never looked so good. I look 20 years younger. Maybe more."
... and Mike is right; he does look 20 years younger.
In fact, of those that I know, they all look so much younger (and perhaps more handsome).

I want the name of the photographer.