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Sourdough pizza ❤️

Just how far will you travel for that perfect pizza; or whatever that takes your fancy? I didn't go in search of the best pizza in the world; but I did find it in Earl's Court, London; at a restaurant called 'Franco Manca Sourdough Pizza'. The sourdough pizzas are cooked in a wood fired oven at 500 degree C. That's hotter than the conventional method. It's all over in a flash and the pizza is cooked in 15-20 seconds. The origin of using sourdough for pizza is Naples, Italy. The Manca family brought the method from Naples and then created their Italian pizza joint in the Australian enclave of Earl's Court, London. Anyway, it was the best pizza I had tasted; simple with a very thin layer of topping and a fantastic sourdough base.

Secret Unley meeting

According to Cr Mike Hudson's blog ... tonight #Unley Council is meeting in secret (ie. behind closed doors) to discuss matters related to the 2019/2020 budget. It just makes you wonder what will be discussed. Why should the public be denied access to budget discussions? Perhaps its to do with the actual cost and/or timeframe for the rebuild of King William Road (will it actually be ready for Christmas trade) or legal matters about rate cuts to developers to retain significant trees or rate rebates to encourage highrise development or the actual cost of installing 350 drink fountains across Unley ... We can only guess and speculate; and never be told. In my opinion, if it is worthy for discussion about the budget, then the matter should be open for the public. We need to know what is going on; what is being considered. Besides, with these secret workshops, there can be no decision made (just 'guidance' given to the staff).

RAA sneezer

I was heading into the CBD by tram for lunch. I like a bit of light reading on the tram, so I packed the latest copy of RAA's SA Motor magazine. Folded, it fits nicely into my small man bag. I thought I would do the road rules tests; multiple scenarios to test your road skills. Then I spotted an article by Charles Mountain, RAA's Road Safety Expert. Charles was responding to a Dorothy Dixer question from a reader. The reader asked 'what should I do if I sneeze while I'm driving?' . It's a question I'm sure that we often ask ourselves. Anyway, Charles went into considerable detail about the danger of sneezing whilst we drive. We're told that we shut our eyes for about 3 seconds (during a sneeze) and at 60kph travel about 8 car lengths. Charles says that ideally we should pull over if we feel a sneeze coming on; but he does concede that it is not always possible. So, to be prepared for a sneeze, we are advised to keep a sensible distance behind th

Unley pics

I'm not easily impressed; or go WOW! But, what a good looking new Unley Council! I've just received the Council's magazine Unley Life  and it features photographs of the newly elected Councillors. I must say that they are the best photos of elected members that I've ever seen. Normally, like any Council, one or two stand out as dills; but not this time. It's a good looking bunch. The photographer needs to be congratulated. Not a hair out of place; almost has that air-brush touch. I spoke to Councillor Mike Hudson and he sang praise for his photo. He said "Mate, I've never looked so good. I look 20 years younger. Maybe more." ... and Mike is right; he does look 20 years younger. In fact, of those that I know, they all look so much younger (and perhaps more handsome). I want the name of the photographer.

Stay cyber safe 💰

It's getting harder and harder to stay cyber safe. There are so many ways the cyber criminals are out to get you. So it's important to stay abreast of the threats and risks. It's amazing how much money is lost (stolen) every day. Just be vigilant; and stay vigilant. Read these 17 tips

What your dog hates

Here's an interesting article on what your dog hates (and likes). Next time you pat a dog on the head, understand its discomfort; especially if I try isn't your dog. 🐕 Have a read

Driving tips for Scotland

I happened upon a fantastic video with tips for driving in Scotland, UK. It is very well done with practical tips and a good measure of humour. Check it out ... Even if you're not planning on a drive through Scotland, it is worth a watch. A pity that Australia doesn't create information like this for the tourists. In fact, it would be handy for many of our residents.

Have you tartled?

Have you ever tartled ? I'm sure you have. I've been known to tartle ; from time to time. Tartle is a Scottish word, used extensively by the Scots: to apologetically say that they've forgotten someone's name, especially when doing an introduction to another person. Whereas in Australia we simply say 'hey, I forgot your name, Mate". I think I will do the switch. To tartle sounds nicer (and kinder). for more info, click on this link ... 2019-02-26/forgot-someones- name-youve-tartled/10849382