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Unley Oval closed

Fantastic news that an AFLW match will be played at Unley Oval: Adelaide Crows vs. GWS Giants on Sunday 10 March. See you there! However, I'm astounded that scheduling the AFL match has required Unley Council to close the oval for 7 days. The oval will be closed on Monday 04 March until 6pm Sunday 10 March. There is to be no access to the oval (inside the picket fence) during this period. No walking, no jogging, no ball play, no frisbees, no dogs; absolutely no activity. Maybe drones flying over the oval will be allowed ;) Such are the rules imposed by the AFL. Here's a photo of a sign at the oval.

Watsacowie brewery

I was delighted to be asked to join a beer tasting panel on a trip to the Yorke Peninsula. Our destination was the Watsacowie brewery in Minlaton. It's a relatively new brewery and the beers had to be tasted and rated. Our host was brewer Andrew Coleman. A huge range, from light coloured to dark; and some interesting experimental brews. We put them all on the tasting bench and went at them. A superb range. One was infused with ginger. Absolutely wonderful (if you imagined it wasn't a beer). By the end of the session we were all frothing at the mouth. The big test was what to select to take home. That's the best test to apply. I chose 2 beers: Watsacowie S.Y.P. Ale, Pale Ale , 5% alcohol Watsacowie Jazzy Red Ale, Indian Red Ale , 6% alcohol Both are drinking well at home; at the end of the day. But what surprised me was their apple cider called ' Beached Apple Cider '. I don't normally enjoy cider, but this was superb; the best ever. It taste

Airport rip off

Went to Adelaide airport last night to collect someone from the UK. What a money machine is the airport; in fact, all airports. I checked out the shop next to the arrival gate. 1 litre of water in a plastic bottle cost $6.80. A 550ml Pepsi cost $5.50. What a rip off! And we know that most 'spring' water sold is just filtered tap water. A guy came along to buy a drink and I recommended to him that he should wait until he got home. My wife told me to not be such a Dad. He ignored me and bought a Pepsi. The bonus was that the parking only cost me $5 for exactly 30 minutes. That was well planned. We had parked for 10-15 minutes in that free park near the entrance and then driven into the $$$ car park later after the plane had landed. A popular temporary parking spot used by many; those in the know.

Unley Road 1909

Back in the year 1909, Unley Road was dug up to remove the tram tracks that had been used by the horse drawn trams. New rails were laid for electric trams and this work took 2 years. All of the rubble removed was carted to Unley Road to create the huge viewing mounds. Check out the photo to see how many men were involved. In 1911 electric trams started to run along Unley Road. The tram service ceased in 1957. Looking at the photo and so many labourers, it reminded me of the work done 30+ years to build the brick road along King William Road. Soon, King William Road will be dug up and paved with bricks. Brick footpaths and a brick road. I still say that the road should be bitumen to reduce costs and speed up the build time. Work had better start soon to have it completed by Christmas in time for the retail trade. It will be a great outcome, but there will be serious disruption to the local businesses; like what happened on Goodwood Road. Tough on the traders, but unavoidable.