Unley Road trams ❌

The idea of trams on Unley Road has been proposed (again) by Federal Labor.
I'm a keen advocate of extending the tram network, but Unley Road is too narrow; far too narrow and it carries a huge volume of commuter traffic.
Commuter traffic would be slowed to a crawl, parking would be cut and local businesses would be impacted.
I propose use of electric buses (aka. trackless trams; what really is the difference?) and a more frequent service.
With a more efficient public transport service we can get more bums on seats and achieve less dependence on driving cars through Mitcham and Unley to the Adelaide CBD. It's time for the State Government to really overhaul our public transport.

As the Unley tram proposal gets on track (depending on the outcome of the Federal election) it will be interesting to see the stance of Unley Council. Will the mayor's publicly stated support for trams on Unley Road influence the decision of Council?

I say, push for electric buses aka. trackless trams.

It's the only way to go!