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MPs who listen

Well done to the four SA rural Liberal MPs who crossed the floor. It's refreshing to see MPs voting in accord with the wishes of their constituents. I encourage more politicians to listen to the people and vote accordingly and not blindly on party lines.

KWR is priority 1

I wish the new Unley Council the best in its deliberations over the next 4 years. With so many new Councillors (and so many women) the old apple cart will frequently be up-ended. It will be interesting to reflect on as an observer. Over the next 13 months, the most important issue (by far) for Unley Council is the rebuilding of King William Road; how to do it and retain a high level of business for the local traders. It will be a tough and consuming task. Already the traders are anxious and expressing concern about forecast hard times. There have been public calls for compensation for lost trade. That won't happen. Council won't go down that path. It certainly didn't for Goodwood Road. During the re-build of Goodwood Road, the businesses were severely impacted with lost trade (down 40-60%), staff laid off, less people driving to the shops. Yes, at all times there was public access to the entrance to each shop; but people weren't driving there. And the b

Red meat tax

We don't need a tax on red and processed meats. Supposedly because it is bad for us. This is ridiculous. Sure, we recognise that too much red meat and bacon is bad for us and over time we have been reducing our intake. Statistics show this trend. Here's hope that eating so much chicken and more vegetables doesn't adversely affect our health. We don't need a new tax to help us reduce consumption. Just keep us informed and let us manage our diet ✅ If we want to eat bacon, then that's our choice. We don't need a Nanny State tax on meat ❌ Click here for more details

Graft success ✅

Some months ago I attended a half day plant grafting workshop. I went home full of enthusiasm and grafted plum on plum, white peach on yellow peach, avocado on avocado and pomegranate on pomegranate. Results: Plum ✅ Peach ✅ Avocado ❌ Pomegranate ✅ I discovered that avocados are best grafted in late November in Adelaide. But I had given up on the pomegranate graft attempt. It wasn't looking hopeful. I remember just how hard the wood was; and the plant stalk was a bit thicker than I would have liked. Nothing seemed to be happening. Yesterday it was pure joy to discover that the graft had taken and had several shoots. The type of pomegranate I grafted is called 'Wonderful'; a modern and sweeter fruit with better eating seeds. Over time I will make this graft dominate the tree.

Dardanelles Cenotaph uprooted

It was a sad day to see the Dardanelles Cenotaph uprooted from the South Parklands and transported to a side street in Adelaide. Over the past year I had joined local residents in Adelaide and Unley to protest the planned removal. It had been paid for by the Unley (and Adelaide) widows of soldiers killed in the Dardanelles. It was the first WW1 memorial. Funded 100% by local residents. It was a travesty by the Adelaide City Council. There was no real consultation. A real shame. May Adelaide City Council hang its head in shame. Story by journalist Lance Campbell The Dardanelles Cenotaph, uprooted and plonked in a side street in Adelaide. Compared with where it was, it looks so out of place.

ask for Angela

This is a fantastic initiative that started in pubs in Scotland with a 'ask for Annie'. It has finally caught on in Australia, and now in SA. If you're on a date at a hotel and feel uncomfortable or unsafe and want help or a discreet exit, then approach hotel staff and 'ask for Angela'. Hotel staff are being trained to assist you to escape an awkward situation eg. taken to a private room and a taxi called. The scheme was designed primarily for women, but anyone asking for Annie will be assisted. A great initiative. Hotels in SA rolling out 'ask for Angela' campaign My earlier blog back in July 2018

Sad farewell Sisto Malaspina

It was sad to hear of the death of Sisto Malaspina, killed by a terrorist in front of his Pellegrini's coffee shop in Bourke Street, Melbourne. He was a mate; a friend to all who visited. He remembered you after years of absence; and after only a few occasional visits to Melbourne. I had the pleasure of having coffee (many short blacks) with him earlier this year. When in Melbourne, a visit to Pellegrini's was always my priority. Pellegrini's will continue as an institution (because the coffee is just so good; simply the best) and the family will maintain that special relationship with the clients. RIP (far too early) my friend.

What next?

The campaigning for the Unley Council election is over. I've walked the length and breadth (and all the streets) of Unley  many times. I averaged 10-15km per day. I lost 5kg and tightened my leg and stomach muscles; and I had to put another hole in my belt. Pants falling down wasn't a good look on the campaign trail  I met some great people and had many interesting chats. I even came home with some plant cuttings; a perennial Greek Basil (now growing well) and a lovely pink Frangipani. The Frangipani stalk will lie on the ground for 2-3 months before I plant it. It was an interesting campaign. I ran a robust and honest campaign. Mine was the only campaign for Mayor that was environmentally friendly with no glossy coloured flyers and no nasty plastic corflute posters up poles that visually polluted the streets of Unley. It was frustrating to learn that a lot of election material stuffed in letterboxes was not read; and not just mine. It was difficult at

Don't waste your vote!

A week to go before the Council election votes are counted. 50% of the forecast votes have been received. (In general about 30% of people vote.) If you have not yet voted, then be quick to beat the deadline. Votes must be received by Friday 09 November. If you leave it too late to post (and remember it may take 2-3-4-5 days to get there) then you can drop your votes off at the Unley Council. Your vote could just determine who gets elected. Importantly, don't waste your vote VOTE 1 BOB SCHNELL for Unley MAYOR He's your best choice (by far) !! Bob is your candidate with COMMON SENSE written and authorised by bob schnell 10 halmon avenue everard park 5035