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Malicious election material

David and Muriel in Hyde Park contacted me. They were distressed by a flyer that had appeared in their letterbox overnight. It was about an 11 storey development proposed next door to them. I explained that it was a cruel hoax and was being circulated to influence the election. It is a a nasty red coloured leaflet being circulated across Unley. It contains blatant lies and is whipping up hysteria about an 11 storey development to be built 'next door to you’ . It’s very amateurish and has a ‘how to vote’ showing a preference for  Michael Hewitson . The gossip on the street is about who actually funded it To me, it’s clear who funded it. It’s in very poor taste. Just ignore it. Don’t be deceived; don’t waste your vote ❌ VOTE 1 BOB SCHNELL for Unley Mayor ✅✅✅ Written and authorised by bob schnell 10 halmon avenue everard park 5035 #unley #mayor

Cremorne high rise

Unley Council zoned the property opposite the Cremorne Hotel as 5 storey. I would have preferred 3-4 storey to protect the heritage and character . Yet the State Government (both Labor and Liberal) approved 7 storey developments. Vote for a Mayor to fight these horror high rises. VOTE 1 BOB SCHNELL #Mayor4Unley Vote to protect the character of our city. Don’t waste your vote! image sourced from Facebook written and authorised by bob schnell 10 halmon avenue everard park 5035 #concretejungle #highrises #crowding #keepunleygreen #keepunleybeautiful #standfortrees #protectandpreserve #heritage #history #Unley #Mayor

Let's go Back to Basics

Today I met with Unley resident Julie outside the Unley Shopping Centre. We talked about my Back to Basics proposals listed on my election flyer. She liked my ideas of re-focusing on fixing issues in our streets eg. street trees, verge planting, trip hazards on the brick paving, street lights, weed control, street and footpath sweeping etc. - rather than ongoing spending on many (far too many) high cost projects. Julie agreed that we need to get back to basics. However, what impressed her most the fact that I was walking across Unley's suburbs and hand delivering my flyers via letterbox. She commented that a lot of election material was being distributed via junk mail, wrapped inside Coles and Woolworths catalogues. She liked my personal touch. She felt that my black and white flyers showed a more personal touch and was more environmentally friendly. It was pleasing to get feedback, especially about not having glossy colour brochures. I have deliberately run an environm

Just Vote 1 for BOB SCHNELL

When voting for Mayor of Unley ... Just VOTE 1 for BOB SCHNELL There's no need to mark any other box. I suggest that you don't follow the recommended How to Vote preferences of the other 2 candidates, Dario Centrella and Michael Hewitson. They have teamed-up with a preference swap. By simple maths: if you vote for Dario , then you will probably get Hewitson if you vote for Hewitson , then you might get Dario You can't be sure of the outcome. Make your vote really count. Vote for a True Independent. Vote for a real people person & someone who cares! Vote for BOB SCHNELL #Mayor4Unley written and authorised by bob schnell 10 halmon avenue everard park 5035 #unley #mayor

BOB ticks all the boxes

When voting for Unley Mayor, choose the best candidate ✅ Choose very carefully ... Choose the person who can best do the job . Choose the person who has the most experience . Choose the person who can actually chair a meeting . Choose the person who can actually listen during a conversation . Choose the person who genuinely cares about issues . Choose the person who has no factional allegiance . Choose the person who is a true independent . Choose the person who won't focus   on himself . Your best choice is BOB SCHNELL ✅ BOB ticks all of these boxes and he has 67% more experience than Michael Hewitson . The other candidate Dario Centrella has zero experience. The bonus is that BOB has common sense ✅✅ Vote 1 BOB SCHNELL #Mayor4Unley Your best choice (by far)! written and authorised by bob schnell 10 halmon avenue everard park 5035 #Unley #Mayor

No baggage Bob

As a candidate for Mayor of Unley, I bring no baggage. Absolutely zero. I owe no favours. I have no debt. I have no business connections in Unley. I am not a member of any political party. Never have been. I am truly Independent. I speak my mind and tell it as it is. I don’t chase crazy and loopy ideas. I am the candidate with common sense. Vote 1 BOB SCHNELL #Mayor4Unley Your best choice (by far)!! written and authorised by bob schnell 10 halmon avenue everard park 5035 #Unley #Mayor

Molly & Snuffles

Yesterday I was out door knocking along Arthur Street, Unley. On the street I met Molly walking her dog Snuffles. We had a chat about local issues. Then she said that I looked a lot younger than the photo on my election flyer . That made me feel good. I explained that I wasn't the youngest candidate for Mayor and I wasn't the oldest. I sit comfortably between the age range of the other 2 candidates. I explained to Molly that I have the most Council experience; 67% more than Michael Hewitson whilst the other candidate  Dario Centrella has zero experience . FYI Michael and Dario have done a preference swap deal, giving the other second preference. Be wary, be very wary! If you vote for either Michael or Dario then you could end up with the other person as Mayor. You won't be sure of the outcome due to the preferences. Vote for a candidate with common sense . Vote for a candidate with the most experience . Vote 1 BOB SCHNELL #Mayor4Unley Your best choic


I am receiving a lot of feedback about the Michael Hewitson corflutes on stobie poles across #Unley. People are curious and confused about the message ' WATER ON TAP '. They are asking what it means. Just like the residents, I am confused; totally confused. To me its all a bit weird. If anyone can shed any light, then let me know. When voting for Mayor of Unley, don't waste your vote. Make your vote count. Vote 1 BOB SCHNELL #Mayor4Unley Your best choice!! Photo of Michael Hewitson corflute on a stobie pole - cropped to fit. written and authorised by bob schnell 10 halmon avenue everard park 5035

Plastic corflute pollution

I led the war on waste at #Unley Council. I moved a motion to ban plastic straws at Council venues. I also moved a motion to investigate the best way to eliminate the use of plastic bottles of water at Council venues. I led this campaign and will continue to do so as #Mayor. One of the mayoral candidates, Michael Hewitson , commended my stance on plastic straws. Recently he has become an anti-plastic convert at Council. Yet, he is putting up 100s of plastic corflute posters on stobie poles across the suburbs. Google research reveals that these corflutes will not be recycled and will go to landfill . So, I find it interesting that the Hewitson anti-plastic rhetoric does not match what he is doing by consuming so much plastic to display his face on stobie poles. His corflutes will take ~500 years to break-down . In contrast, I am maintaining my pledge to not use plastic corflutes . They are ugly and generate visual pollution. People are smart enough to know who to vote for.

No donkey in Unley

When voting for #Mayor of #Unley, do not do the donkey vote . What is a donkey vote? It’s when you blindly vote 1,2,3 ... from the top down. What is a donkey vote? Ensure that you carefully select the best person to be Mayor of Unley. Select the person with the most experience, integrity and common sense. Your best choice is BOB SCHNELL. Vote 1 BOB SCHNELL #Mayor4Unley Don’t waste your vote! Don’t do a donkey vote!! Make your vote count. written and authorised by bob schnell 10 halmon avenue everard park 5035

Vote 1 Bob Schnell for Unley Mayor

With the Unley Council election some candidates will give a preference to another person eg. by marking 1 and 2 on How to Vote information. What this means is that if you are not successful then you wish the candidate marked 2 to be the next preferred person. I have been informed via email from Dario Centrella that he and Michael Hewitson have swapped preferences for Mayor. That means that if you blindly follow the How to Vote of these 2 Mayoral candidates then you could get Dario or Michael as Mayor. I don’t support giving a preference. In fact, on merit, I would find it difficult to pick one. So, I won’t be indicating a second preference. It’s not my place. I believe that it should be left to you, the voter to decide. My stance is simply common sense. Vote 1 BOB SCHNELL #Mayor4Unley Your best choice! Don’t waste your vote!! #Unley #Mayor Written and authorised by Bob Schnell 10 halmon avenue everard park 5035