More cyclists through Unley

I notice that Mitcham Council will building a cycle path to connect to the busy cycle path along Rugby Street in Unley; on route to the Adelaide CBD.
A great outcome for the cyclists.
Rugby Street is already a busy cycle route and the Mitcham road works will generate more cyclists passing through Unley. I read of a forecast 60% increase in cyclists from Mitcham.
What we need to do is review this cycle route through Unley to ensure that there are no issues with the forecast higher volume.
Safety for all - pedestrians, vehicles and cyclists - needs to be our top concern.
There must be a common sense approach to traffic priorities ie. who gets right of way.

For common sense solutions and practical outcomes
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 Tip: always wear a helmet!

Written &authorised by Bob Schnell, 10 Halmon Avenue, Everard Park 5035