Volunteer camellia

Volunteers are the backbone of most community organisations.

At Unley Council there are 400 volunteers who service the community.
Many Council services would fold (or be reduced) without the help of volunteers.
I salute all of these volunteers ... from bus drivers to home services to the library ... the list just goes on.

I was delighted to read that one of the best new release camellias has been called Volunteer to honour the volunteers across Australia.
This camellia has gloriously ruffled blooms. They really are quite different with petals that open a soft pink with white at the edge.
As the season progresses, the colour deepens and retains a white edge.
The centre of the flower is heavily textured and has a pin cushion in shape.
The bush grows to 2m in height.

If you're thinking of planting a camellia then consider the Volunteer.