Unley still opposes rate capping

At the April Council meeting I moved a motion to end our opposition to the Liberal policy of rate capping.
I was disappointed that Council did not have the strategic vision to support the motion. So the Council will continue its public opposition and put at risk a good working relationship with the new Government.
At risk will be extra funding for Unley projects.
It was just plain crazy. A real lack of strategic vision.

Here are notes from what I said at the Council meeting ...

Item 1141

This motion is commonsense and practical.
Firstly let’s look at page 2 of the Agenda.
It states that Council is committed to:
Ethical, open honest behaviours
Building partnerships

The emphasis here is on Building Partnerships.

The background provided (in the agenda) clearly states the current situation.
It is justification for why this motion must succeed.

The State has a new Government that campaigned for rate capping.
Like it or not, the Government will pursue and implement it.
Like it or not, we and all Councils need to live with it.

We need to work with the Government, to be partners on many projects.
We need more funding for numerous projects (eg. KWR rejuvenation).
By remaining publicly opposed to rate capping we put at risk a good working relationship with the Liberal Government.

The bottom line is that Unley does very well in keeping rate increases low.
We are not the same as some Councils that have exorbitant rate increases.
The reality is that given our prudence and financial discipline, we would not likely be impacted by rate capping.

Unley is a model Council and we need to lead on this issue.
This motion sends an appropriate message and will ensure a good working relationship with the State Government.

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