Musgrave Street cycle path

The junction of the Mike Turtur shared path and Musgrave Street @ Goodwood has been revamped giving better line of sight and improved safety for pedestrians and cyclists.
It works well if the cyclists and the pedestrians follow the path and the signs painted on the path.
I stood there today for half an hour and watched ...

  1. most cyclists just went wherever they wanted: whichever was the shortest route. They are still cutting across the driveway and putting themselves at risk.
  2. most pedestrians and joggers did the right thing, but some (a few) also cut across the driveway.

What is really needed is a hump or some physical barrier along the edge of the bricked driveway.

Full marks to the local resident who has planted the area.
It's good to see residents planting and maintaining the verges in their street.

Many thanks to the cyclists and pedestrians who have provided me feedback on what works and what doesn't work. I've taken that on-board.