Kaufland ‘Have your say’

The State Government has commenced public consultation on the proposed Kaufland mega supermarket on Anzac Highway @ Everard Park/Forestville.
However, the catch is that only residents (and businesses) within 60m of the development may formally comment.
This is totally outrageous. So many residents who will be impacted can not have a say. I would have thought that the new Liberal Government would have quickly changed the State planning process.
This consultation is a joke #saparli.
This development has the potential to severely impact residents over a wide radius, especially to the south in all the side streets off Leader Street. There must be a rigorous independent traffic management plan before approval is granted. The high volume of vehicle movements at this site warrants the traffic study.
Residents are encouraged to meet with those living within 60m and pass on their concerns which may then be formally submitted.
You may also pass on your concerns to me and I will endeavour to have them incorporated into the formal Council submission.
Under the rules you are not permitted to send your concerns to Council.

This is an unacceptable process that must be changed by the new Government.