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Recycle waste crisis

Here’s an interesting story on how to fix the recycle waste crisis. However we do it we must stop selling recycle material overseas. It must be re-used here in Australia. We can’t afford another crisis in the future. I’m just so appalled by total lack of action by governments across Australia. The problem was identified as a huge risk a year ago. Read the story

Anzac Day win for Sturt

What a turn out at Unley Oval on Anzac Day! Nearly 8,000 people were in attendance to watch Sturt thrash Port Adelaide. It was a great day and a great game (and a great outcome). #Dublas #Unley

Chocolate memories

What fantastic news. Research has shown that a small amount of dark chocolate (just 50g) puts you in a better mood and increases brain power and memory. The chocolate used was 70% cacao and 30% organic sugar cane, a product marketed as a health food. Just 30 minutes later, brain scans showed an increase of gamma waves in areas indicating: Improved neural connectivity, Reduced stress, Improved mood, and Boost of memory. So if you want to get in the mood and have less stress and more memory, then eat very dark chocolate.

Cyclist vs. Pedestrian

Pedestrians have a priority over cyclists and motorists; in most cases. On a shared pedestrian/cycle path, the cyclist must look out for and give way to pedestrians, especially at crossovers eg. at tram stops. It is rare to see a cyclist slow down and give way to and care about a pedestrian. Usually the bike just barrels through. It's damn annoying, damn rude and just irresponsible. Yes, there are some responsible cyclists, but most are in a world of their own; with a sole intent of getting there as quickly as possible. Unley Council has trialed the installation of signs 'painted' on the shared paths asking cyclists to slow down. The bikes just burn rubber as they fly over the top. It was a wasted experiment. #Unley Councillor Don Palmer has taken the bicycle handle-bars and given them a good a shake in his recent blog about lack of courtesy on the road. I agree with his observations and comments. Have a read what Don said

ANZAC @ Goodwood

Last Sunday I attended the Anzac Day service at St George’s Anglican Church @ Goodwood. Following the service there was a service held outside in front of the War Memorial. The monument would have to be the best War Memorial in #Unley. It projects a powerful message recognising those locals who died for our country. The height of the monument is just so imposing. The ceremony was held last Sunday so as to not clash with the Anzac Day event held in Unley Central. The scheduling also allowed the same priest to officiate at both events.

ANZAC @ Unley

A huge Dawn Service at #Unley this morning. It seems to get bigger each year. 1,000s were on the lawns at the Soldiers Memorial Garden. I would have to say that this service was the best ever held in Unley. At the conclusion, the bells of the St Augustine Church tolled and kept tolling across the city. A nice touch.

ANZAC @ Villers-Bretonneux

As told by Australian journalist David Marr who was recently at Villers-Bretonneux, France for the opening of the $100m Monash Centre ... I’m not really keen on David Marr as a journalist, (I actually dislike the guy) but I was captivated by the reported words of the French President. A fantastic speech. A speech that brought tears to the audience. Here’s what was reported ... Those damn French never could be trusted. The opening of the Monash Centre at Villers-Bretonneux was supposed to mark a century of amity between our two peoples yet the French prime minister, Édouard Philippe, delivered a speech that blew Malcolm Turnbull’s to smithereens. A lot of words have been shed on the western front. This is a place of blood and poetry. A national leader opening a new museum commemorating these battles has to have something to say. Let’s not be cruel. Turnbull’s effort would have passed muster back home. Nuts and bolts stuff. A useful explanation of General Ludendorff’s tact

Quince paste

The quince paste has been made (using home grown fruit of course). It’s a glorious ruby red in colour. A dash of pomegranate juice was added to enhance the colour. The taste is just fantastic. Yes it takes a lot of preparation and cooking, but the end result is worth it. The best batch in #Unley.

Greek Easter in Goodwood

Greek Easter doesn't always coincide with 'traditional' Easter. This year, it was a week later with Greek Good Friday on 06 April. Council was represented at the Good Friday service at the Church of Saints Constantine and Helen, @ 101 Goodwood Road, Goodwood. It's a grand old church; absolutely beautiful inside. On the day the church quickly filled and scores of people participated in the service from outside, on the footpath. Greek Easter in Goodwood is a huge event. Photo source: taken by a parishioner on the day

Big Golden Beauties

It's that time of year, a golden time of the year when the quinces are ripening. My tree at home (in #Unley) is heavily laden. Not a lot of fruit, but they are huge - just so big. Next weekend most of them will be transformed into quince paste - a must have with cheese over the next 12 months. A few will be slowly poached for hours and then become a glorious dessert. The quince really is an understated fruit. It's a signal that, despite the recent warm weather, autumn is upon us. A tip for other quince growers, don't pick them too early. They must be yellow, not green. How to tell if they are ripe? Use a thumb and rub the furry skin and if the fur rubs off then they are ripe.

Pomegranate juice

Have just recently picked my crop of pomegranates (grown in #Unley). The Rainbow Lorikeets were starting to show an interest. Not a huge crop because I heavily pruned the tree last year, but the fruit are huge. I struggled to fit the pomegranate halves in the juicer. I'm reshaping the tree to be a big bush - as it should be. The juice is fantastic and so good for you.

Black sticky rice

Yesterday I went to the local Asian Grocer. I was on a mission to buy a packet of dried shrimp. (A recipe for fried rice with crab meat needs the dried shrimp.) They had no dried shrimp, but on impulse I bought and came home with: 1 packet of black sticky rice 1 packet of white Thai glutinous rice (white sticky rice) 1 bottle of pandan essence Why? After tasting the most glorious black sticky rice (with coconut custard) last weekend at the Thai food festival, I was determined to make this dish at home. I'll wait for the next rainy day to make it. If it works out ok I will share the recipe.

Apple scrap vinegar

I’m a big fan of cider vinegar. Great to drink, make preserves, salad dressing and superb for washing your hair; I use it weekly and it gives my hair a real shine and softness. Tip: close your eyes tightly when doing the hair wash and leave it on for a few minutes. Anyway, however you use it, it’s a better alternative to normal harsh vinegar. Making: Apple Scrap Vinegar It is just so easy. Here's the recipe and instructions ... Apple scrap vinegar: you can drink it straight, use it as a household cleaner, drizzle it over your favourite salad and rinse your hair in it. Let’s talk about how seriously good this stuff is, as well as being crazy easy to make. While not being new to the wonderful world of fermenting, apple scrap vinegar was something that up until now I hadn’t made. I’d used it in cooking, I had drunk it and I knew my hair benefitted from rinsing with it, but making it from scratch? Nope, I hadn’t gone there yet. With a stash of apples from t

Saving trees in Unley

Tonight #Unley Council is holding a workshop to discuss options to promote retention of large and significant trees on private property. This is an issue dear to my heart. It’s sad to see so many large trees being removed across the suburbs. Hopefully some viable options will emerge; options that we can pursue. But, regulation of trees and their removal rests with the SA Government. So, it might be like flogging a dead horse; but we need to try to influence the new Government.

Ubercare support @ home

What to do when at the chemist when waiting for a script to be filled? Read the pharmacy health care magazine. I read with interest about Ubercare which is nothing to do with Uber (I think). I’m not too keen on Uber and its pervasiveness; and also stories about cold food delivered by bike in the rain ⛱ Ubercare sounds like a great service, especially for the elderly and the frail, for times when that little bit of help is required. Services include: Helping to dress, shower, iron Preparing meals, shopping Temporary carer Assist with correspondence, emails etc. Companion for a walk, dining out etc. The hourly fee is ‘reasonable’ with a discount for National Pharmacy members. All Ubercare people are police checked and are covered by insurance. And, according to the blurb, support staff are highly available around the clock; with many different skills. All up, I’m confident that it’s a good service that fills a niche. Google for contact details.