Time to plant garlic

Now is the time to plant your garlic in #Unley.
An older school of thought is to plant it in late May or early June and harvest in December.
Talking with other garlic growers, the consensus is to plant it in mid to late March when the soil is warmer.
It enables the plant to get a good start and be established before the colder months. Also the cloves will be bigger and plumper.
So, plant your garlic now.
Dig in organic fertiliser and just bury the cloves. The pointy part of the garlic clove should be just under the surface. Cover with pea straw and water lightly each day until the growth is established; and then ease back on the water.
It’s a good cash crop; ready to harvest in mid December.

With proper storage, the garlic will last 12 months until the next harvest.