SA Upper House vote

Most of us probably have a reasonable idea of how we will vote in the #SA #Election 2018. However, I'm still agonising over how I will number the voting slip. As a matter of principle I won't be following the voting order recommended by the major parties. I will choose who is best and who is second best etc. in my local seat of #Badcoe.
Voting for the Upper House is a totally different ball game.
Like many (hopefully most) voters I will probably be voting different to how I vote for my local seat. I will vote for candidates who will make a difference and keep the Government in check; rather than just blindly voting for Labor or Liberal or ...
I ask you how many can actually name more than 2 members of the Upper House? #saparli
Most of us have no idea of who is Up there; and there are some who wouldn't be there without the blind vote just along party lines.
Voting blindly following party lines for the Upper House is not a smart move. Heaven knows who we might be voting for.

So, like me, spend the next week analysing the the Upper House candidates and decide who is best for SA; who will make that difference and hold the Government to account. A Labor, Liberal or an SA Best hybrid Government needs to be kept in check.