Pretty Pollie

Today I was down in Torrensville on business.
It was interesting to see a different bunch of pics of political candidates up the poles. A young looking Tom Koutsantonis (Labor) was up a pole with an equally young looking Jing Lee (Liberal, upper house). With all the air-brushing art work, they looked so much younger than they actually are. They barely looked old enough to vote. I have met both and trust me, in the flesh they are (or look) a lot older.
Why pick on these two? At the time it stuck me how silly it is allow candidates to misrepresent themselves using digitally altered images. They all do, across the state. Even those who don’t look that flash in the flesh seem to look beautiful when up a pole at election time.
Come the count of the votes, when the winners emerge, they morph into an older and less attractive politician.

Such is politics; and such is life!