Plastic water

Maybe it’s time to stop drinking bottled water and just drink tap water.
Let’s face it, with average bottled water, it’s not much more than filtered tap water.
Do yourself a favour and buy a good quality plastic (or metal) drink bottle and use tap water; preferably filtered.
  1. To save money.
  2. To stop drinking high concentrations of plastic particles.

A recent report from the World Health Organisation exposes that after analysis of water samples, more than 90% of the samples contained high concentrations of tiny plastic particles; aka. microplastics.
One brand had concentrations as high as 10,000 plastic pieces per litre of water.
This is absolutely appalling.
Downstream this ends up in the oceans and rivers and in fish that we eat.

Just so sad. All due to our buying bottled water.
Make the change to tap water and a good quality drink bottle.
The cheaper the drink bottle the more likely it is to contaminate.