Election posters siezed

I’ve been talking to people at some metro Councils in SA eg. Mitcham, Marion, West Torrens. Staff are busy pulling down election posters that don’t comply with regulations. Fair enough I suppose. But it is a waste of ratepayers’ money 
because these Councils (and probably most Councils) are not fining the candidates.
Leave the posters up the poles (as much as I hate them) and let SAPN (formerly ETSA) deal with them and fine the candidates.
At #Unley Council a more relaxed and commonsense approach is being taken. Importantly, ratepayers’ money is not being wasted.
But what really prompted this blog?
I heard from a source at Marion Council that they have seized 100s of posters from just one of the candidates. That candidate was told to bring a ute to the depot to collect them.
I was wondering why that candidate had so few posters up compared with others. Mum’s the word as to the identity of the candidate 😉

#saparli #Badcoe