Unley is SA Best target

The State seat of Unley is heating up for one hell of a fight in the upcoming SA Election. It's going to be a fight that Unley has not seen before.
Incumbent, Liberal David Pisoni was looking safe, in his very safe seat that he has held for 12 years in opposition.
SA Best candidate Anthony Olivier will give the traditional Liberal/Labor polling a solid shake-up.
There will be a lot of Liberal money splashed about in Unley to get their message out.
Liberal priorities like rate capping and a cycle path to Melbourne will be real election issues.
My reflection is that:
  1. Rate capping is just a vote grabbing ploy; I mean what voter wouldn't want reduced Council rates? The reality is that rate capping won't actually work.
  2. I don't imagine there will be a huge influx of cycling tourists pedalling over from Melbourne. Seriously, this huge spend needs a rethink; it just sounds a bit looney.

I won't give my forecast or reflect on my political views, but Unley will be shaken to its core. For the better (or best) only time will tell.