Unley Council elections

In a recent blog, Cr Jennie Boisvert wrote about the make-up of the next Unley Council after the elections later this year.
Her predictions were:

Goodwood: Bob Schnell  (running for Mayor) and Luke Smolucha
Clarence Park: Jennie Boisvert and Don Palmer
Unley Park: Michael Rabbitt (running for Mayor) and Rob Sangster (retiring)
Unley: Michael Hewitson (running for mayor) and Rufus Salaman
Parkside: Michael Hudson (retiring) and John Koumi (already retired)
Fullarton: Peter Hughes and Anthony Lapidge (considering his options)

My translation of her forecast is:
Goodwood: at least 1 new Councillor
Clarence Park: Jennie Boisvert and/or Don Palmer
Unley Park: 2 new Councillors
Unley: at least 1 new Councillor
Parkside: 2 new Councillors
Fullarton: probably 1 new Councillor

If you've been thinking about running for Council, this is the year to have crack!
So many options across the City, in every Ward.

I stand by my forecast of up to 9 new faces.