Pollie pole position

The election posters are going up.
Prime position poles are being seized.
The suburbs are starting to look untidy.
It always staggers me that wannabe politicians #saparli have to put their heavily digitally altered photos on the poles. Surely a smart voter would follow the news and decide which party and which candidate to vote for. Surely. People are not that dumb that they get influenced by a mug shot on a pole. Surely.
Yet, they do it. Why? Because they feel good when they see themselves on a drive past on a campaign run; a spot of door knocking and giving away balloons to kiddies at the supermarket (yuk!).
The golden rule is to put up posters in the electorate and not outside the boundary. It confuses the public; or could do; and shows carelessness.

Note to Lachlan Clyne (Liberal candidate for Badcoe): mate you've got a few posters up in Leader Street in Pisoni #Unley territory. You may wish to redeploy them back in #Badcoe.