Parking fines down

Parking fines in #Unley were down 16.3% in 2017.
Total fines were 8,117 with revenue of $788,000.
The fact that the number of fines is down is good news.
People are getting the message; or I hope so.
I have zero tolerance for all-day commuter parkers; people from the South who drive to Unley, park and then walk or catch public transport to the CBD. These people should be parking at (or near) home and catching public transport to the Adelaide CBD.
Parking spaces in Unley should be for the locals and short term visitors; people who shop or do business in Unley.

Thinking about it, 8,117 fines is still a lot.
Way too many. We have a long way to go to get the right balance.

A hefty number of these fines were associated with illegal parking during the Royal Show period near Wayville, Goodwood and Forestville.