Lib's Strong plan

Today Steven Marshall wrote to me again by email.
He never responds to any of my replies, but that's par for the course with most politicians.
Anyway, he wrote ...

Dear Bob,

Today I have launched our First 100 Day Action Agenda. This is exactly how we will implement our Strong Plan for Real Change. It is an ambitious timeline, but we must move rapidly to fix the mess created thanks to 16 years of Labor here in South Australia.

You can view our First 100 Day Action Agenda by clicking below:

I have read the 100 day plan and I must say that I was impressed. Very impressed.
Impressed that any government could possibly dream of achieving all in the strong plan in just 100 days; that's 100 sleeps. It's highly ambitious and I reckon that it would take 3-4 years to get through the list. It reminds me of Kevin Rudd's big list of what he would deliver; and look what happened.
Having SA Best in the shadows (or within Cabinet) will mess up any forecast timeframe.

I just had to smile at the depth of the strong plan and the short time to achieve it.
What I want to know is what will subsequently happen in the next 265 days of the first year and then the following 3 years. If you can plan for 100 days, then you plan for 4 years.

I await the next robo email Steven.
I am sure that Jay and Nick (and others) will soon be in touch with their strong plans.

Disclaimer: I never declare my political leanings; that's my business. However, my opinion and commentary I freely give.

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