Fast track to Mount Barker

A high speed train service from Mount Barker to Adelaide is emerging as a strong promise in the campaigns for the SA state Election.
And so it should be.
It's long overdue.
There's no point in building satellite cities without provision of decent public transport. Having a bus service is not adequate; especially through the hills.
Experts are forecasting an express service of 20 minutes between Mount Barker and Adelaide.
What will be required, and there has been no mention, is huge land acquisition along the Belair line, from Adelaide to Belair and then on to Mount Barker. Currently there is is single track to service the Belair route.
Work is expected to commence in mid 2019.
Or will it?
The only way to avoid the huge land acquisition is to build the detour for the freight trains at Murray Bridge and then use the old freight train rail corridor to build new dual rail lines from Adelaide to Mount Barker (and beyond).

A tip to Premier-to-be Jay, Nick and Steven (in that order according to the bookies): make sure that they are electric trains and that there is a high speed (20 minutes) express service.

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