Buy that Harley!

Poor old Barnaby Joyce ... actually I have no sympathy for him.
Obviously he was due for a mid-life crisis, and he should have taken the 'buy a Harley motorbike' option rather than 'crack on to a younger woman'. But, crack on he did and it looks like his future won't be that bright; unless he will get immense pleasure from changing nappies.
My forecast is this:
The Nationals will soon dump him as party leader.
He will then no longer be Deputy PM.
He will be stripped of being a minister.
He will be on the nose and won't contest the next election.
He will regret giving up his Kiwi nationality; that's the one place he could have put himself out to pasture and no one would have known who he was.
All very sad; especially for Barnaby's family.
If only he had bought that Harley!

None of the above reflects my political views. Just a reflection of the current mess in Canberra.

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