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Wrong pole Jayne

In an earlier blog I had a dig at Liberal candidate Lachlan Clyne about having his election poster up a pole outside his area; on Leader Street, near #GoodyRoad. To be fair ... last night I was on the tram and noticed that Labor candidate Jayne Stinson has a poster on a pole on Goodwood Road, on the north side of the tram line. This is way out of the Badcoe boundary. Note to Jayne: the Badcoe boundary through Unley is the train line 😉 #Unley #Badcoe #saparli

Unley candidates say definitely NO tram

Last night I attended the Unley FOCUS meeting. I was accompanied by Unley Councillors Peter Hughes and Rufus Salaman. All (but one) of the candidates for the SA seat of Unley were there to give a talk and respond to questions. I scored the candidates and rated their worth to represent us in Unley. The candidates ranged from good to bad to absolutely woeful. One was just so bad; with totally outrageous comments; a racist pun didn't go down well. It was a good evening to assess the candidates. It's a pity that the average voter won't get to see their party's candidate in the candid light that we experienced. Three of the candidates did a bit of Council bashing; two quite heavily. They obviously had no idea of where State Government funding (and involvement) ended and Council involvement started; all rather sad. Councillor Salaman asked a couple of heated questions of one of the candidates. I asked the last question of the night viz. "Will you run

Fast track to Mount Barker

A high speed train service from Mount Barker to Adelaide is emerging as a strong promise in the campaigns for the SA state Election. And so it should be. It's long overdue. There's no point in building satellite cities without provision of decent public transport. Having a bus service is not adequate; especially through the hills. Experts are forecasting an express service of 20 minutes between Mount Barker and Adelaide. What will be required, and there has been no mention, is huge land acquisition along the Belair line, from Adelaide to Belair and then on to Mount Barker. Currently there is is single track to service the Belair route. Work is expected to commence in mid 2019. Or will it? The only way to avoid the huge land acquisition is to build the detour for the freight trains at Murray Bridge and then use the old freight train rail corridor to build new dual rail lines from Adelaide to Mount Barker (and beyond). A tip to Premier-to-be Jay, Nick and St

Finding love in Wayville 🎡

Fringe festival event The Love Shack is being held at the Showgrounds at Wayville. Lots of activity and entertainment. The highlight is looking for love ❤️ via speed dating on the Ferris Wheel 🎡 A novel idea. The Ferris Wheel has always been popular with couples; the spin just injects romance. On the down side: if the dating chemistry doesn't bond, it will be awkward waiting together for many long minutes before you can get off. Read the story ... #Unley #Wayville #Love #GoodyRoad

Billy Graham dies

Preacher Billy Graham has died, aged 99. He was the best of the bunch of US evangelist preachers. When he visited Australia, 130,076 crammed into the MCG to hear him. In Adelaide he also drew a huge crowd. Before he died, his son asked what Billy wanted on his headstone. The reply was, just say 'Preacher'. A quote from Billy Graham “ when wealth is lost, nothing is lost; when health is lost, something is lost; when character is lost, all is lost ”. Just so true.

Byron Road @ Black Forest

I was approached by a trader at the Black Forest shops. It seems that residents and traders are alarmed by local gossip about the proposed development of a childcare centre on the corner of Byron Road and South Road @ Black Forest. According to the gossip: A childcare centre is to be built on the 2 blocks on the South Road/Byron Road corner. Unley Council will be closing Byron Road at the intersection with South Road. Total nonsense! I explained to the trader that Council would never consider closing Byron Road to enable a development. It's just uninformed gossip. As to the proposed childcare centre, my only comment is that there must be onsite parking for parents delivering and collecting children. I suspect that the main entrance will be via Byron Road; it is unlikely that DPTI would allow access from South Road. So to the residents of Black Forest I say: trust me, Byron Road will not be closed. #Unley

Bad tank water

It's something that I've suspected for a long time. Now, it has been proved; that rainwater stored in tanks is unfit for drinking. Researchers at Flinders University have found that more than 50% of tank water tested contains the dangerous E. coli bacteria. E. coli causes vomiting, diarrhoea and stomach cramps. Nasty. Yes I have rainwater tanks, but I only use the water for the garden. I would even consider it for drinking. Just think about all the bird and possum and rat poo that gets washed into the tank! #Unley

Think about becoming a swinger

A Lefty mate calls me a Conservative. A Conservative mate calls me a Lefty. A Greenie mate believes I'm a Greenie; they really see no other option! I like to hide my true political leanings. They get in the way at times. I don't wear them like a badge on my sleeve; like a bikie. It's my business (to know) without trying to overly influence others. Actually I'm a swinging voter, like I suspect are a significant % of the community. It must be so boring to always wear green themed t-shirts or always be a true blue Liberal or a red Lefty; never able to find good in all the political parties. Imagine going through life, just blindly following the doctrine of the Dear Leader of your political party. As a swinging voter, you get to vote for the best person to represent your local community. Or, if that selection is a bit difficult (and it can be) you get to vote for the party that you believe is best for the state or country; based on policy and past perform

Lib's Strong plan

Today Steven Marshall wrote to me again by email. He never responds to any of my replies, but that's par for the course with most politicians. Anyway, he wrote ... Dear Bob, Today I have launched our First 100 Day Action Agenda. This is exactly how we will implement our Strong Plan for Real Change. It is an ambitious timeline, but we must move rapidly to fix the mess created thanks to 16 years of Labor here in South Australia. You can view our First 100 Day Action Agenda by clicking below: Liberal Strong Plan I have read the 100 day plan and I must say that I was impressed. Very impressed. Impressed that any government could possibly dream of achieving all in the strong plan in just 100 days; that's 100 sleeps. It's highly ambitious and I reckon that it would take 3-4 years to get through the list. It reminds me of Kevin Rudd's big list of what he would deliver; and look what happened. Having SA Best in the shadows (or within Cabinet) will mes

Pollie pole position

The election posters are going up. Prime position poles are being seized. The suburbs are starting to look untidy. It always staggers me that wannabe politicians #saparli have to put their heavily digitally altered photos on the poles. Surely a smart voter would follow the news and decide which party and which candidate to vote for. Surely. People are not that dumb that they get influenced by a mug shot on a pole. Surely. Yet, they do it. Why? Because they feel good when they see themselves on a drive past on a campaign run; a spot of door knocking and giving away balloons to kiddies at the supermarket (yuk!). The golden rule is to put up posters in the electorate and not outside the boundary. It confuses the public; or could do; and shows carelessness. Note to Lachlan Clyne (Liberal candidate for Badcoe): mate you've got a few posters up in Leader Street in Pisoni #Unley territory. You may wish to redeploy them back in #Badcoe.

Badcoe cash splash

Labor cash keeps pouring into #Badcoe in #Unley; timely just before the SA Election. I'd heard that something was in the wind, but was surprised to learn of the $70,000 given to the Millswood Bowling Club for new toilets. This club is growing in size. It has worked hard over the past few years to get back on track and increase membership. The $70,000 in cash now, not an election promise, will greatly assist the club. Will this generosity translate to votes for #Labor? We will know in a month. #saparli

Apply now for Unley Community Grant

Every year, in fact twice a year, #Unley #Council has a generous Community #Grant Funding. The March 2018 Community Grant Program funding round is now open for applications.  Grant funding of up to $4,000 is available for innovative and diverse community projects and/or programs. Guidelines and application forms are available from the Civic Centre or via  Council's website Applicants are encouraged to contact Council to discuss their application and eligibility.  Afternoon or evening workshops will be held for those groups and individuals who would like assistance with the “nuts and bolts” aspects of their applications.  Contact Pam or Matthew at Council (phone 83725108 or 83725134) if you would like to attend a workshop or you would like to get a copy of the application form via email. Applications close on Friday 30 March 2018.  Funding will be available to successful applicants in early June 2018.  Note that projects and/or programs that commence prior to 1 June

Unley Council elections

In a recent blog, Cr Jennie Boisvert wrote about the make-up of the next Unley Council after the elections later this year. Her predictions were: Goodwood: Bob Schnell  (running for Mayor) and Luke Smolucha Clarence Park: Jennie Boisvert and Don Palmer Unley Park: Michael Rabbitt (running for Mayor) and Rob Sangster (retiring) Unley: Michael Hewitson (running for mayor) and Rufus Salaman Parkside: Michael Hudson (retiring) and John Koumi (already retired) Fullarton: Peter Hughes and Anthony Lapidge (considering his options) My translation of her forecast is: Goodwood: at least 1 new Councillor Clarence Park: Jennie Boisvert and/or Don Palmer Unley Park: 2 new Councillors Unley: at least 1 new Councillor Parkside: 2 new Councillors Fullarton: probably 1 new Councillor If you've been thinking about running for Council, this is the year to have crack! So many options across the City, in every Ward. I stand by my forecast of up to 9 new faces.

Goodwood Oval Grandstand

The community consultation on the new grandstand @ Goodwood Oval has commenced. Unley Council had sent letters to local residents and information has been placed on Council’s website. Also information is available at council facilities.  Public notices will also be placed in the Eastern Courier and at the oval.   Have your say about the new grandstand This consultation is open to all residents in Unley. The consultation will close on Friday 16 March. A report will be presented to Council in April.

Parking fines down

Parking fines in #Unley were down 16.3% in 2017. Total fines were 8,117 with revenue of $788,000. The fact that the number of fines is down is good news. People are getting the message; or I hope so. I have zero tolerance for all-day commuter parkers; people from the South who drive to Unley, park and then walk or catch public transport to the CBD. These people should be parking at (or near) home and catching public transport to the Adelaide CBD. Parking spaces in Unley should be for the locals and short term visitors; people who shop or do business in Unley. Thinking about it, 8,117 fines is still a lot. Way too many. We have a long way to go to get the right balance. A hefty number of these fines were associated with illegal parking during the Royal Show period near Wayville, Goodwood and Forestville.

Unley is SA Best target

The State seat of Unley is heating up for one hell of a fight in the upcoming SA Election. It's going to be a fight that Unley has not seen before. Incumbent, Liberal David Pisoni was looking safe, in his very safe seat that he has held for 12 years in opposition. SA Best candidate Anthony Olivier will give the traditional Liberal/Labor polling a solid shake-up. There will be a lot of Liberal money splashed about in Unley to get their message out. Liberal priorities like rate capping and a cycle path to Melbourne will be real election issues. My reflection is that: Rate capping is just a vote grabbing ploy; I mean what voter wouldn't want reduced Council rates? The reality is that rate capping won't actually work. I don't imagine there will be a huge influx of cycling tourists pedalling over from Melbourne. Seriously, this huge spend needs a rethink; it just sounds a bit looney. I won't give my forecast or reflect on my political views, but Unley

Buy that Harley!

Poor old Barnaby Joyce ... actually I have no sympathy for him. Obviously he was due for a mid-life crisis, and he should have taken the 'buy a Harley motorbike' option rather than 'crack on to a younger woman'. But, crack on he did and it looks like his future won't be that bright; unless he will get immense pleasure from changing nappies. My forecast is this: The Nationals will soon dump him as party leader. He will then no longer be Deputy PM. He will be stripped of being a minister. He will be on the nose and won't contest the next election. He will regret giving up his Kiwi nationality; that's the one place he could have put himself out to pasture and no one would have known who he was. All very sad; especially for Barnaby's family. If only he had bought that Harley! None of the above reflects my political views. Just a reflection of the current mess in Canberra. #auspol #Barnaby #Joyce #Unley

Pumpkin patch in #Unley

With the end of the heat wave I have converted my heat stressed tomato patch into a pumpkin patch in #Unley. I should get a good crop during this long Indian Summer. Ready to harvest in May with very little effort. If you store them properly, they should last 12 months in the shed. I've planted butternuts; my fav. Tip: don't go and buy the seeds or seedlings; why give money to Bunnings when you don't need to. Save some seeds when you next cook pumpkin. Plant 3-4-5 seeds 50cm apart and let them spread. They will fill an area quickly.

Female crunch

#Doritos for women in #Unley What a lot of silliness. They could have released a product with less crunch and less mess and not mentioned women. It could have been targeted at both women and men for those times when you eat in public and want to avoid a lot of finger licking and pouring the crumbs from the empty packet into your mouth. Read the story. The comments are a real hoot 🤣 Click here

Leather shoes

What is the true cost of being a Vegan? It's a tough life changing choice to make. Really tough! People aren't born vegan. Rather, they become vegan; as a deliberate choice. It's like a sea-change, where people move from the city to a nice country spot. Actually, it's nothing like a sea-change. It's a far more radical change. But what is the real cost of becoming a vegan? What is the hidden cost to the rest of us? What is the environmental impact to the globe? I respect people for making the choice to become vegan, but I do question how much ethical consideration was really given. Was the real hidden environmental impact on society and the globe actually known and considered. I suspect not. Anyway, each to their own. The following story highlights the impacts of veganism on the globe. Click this link

Vietnamese chilli in #Unley

I can't live without my chillies 🌶 and they are in full production in my garden in #Unley. My fav is a yellow #chilli that's just so hot. I got the seeds from a Vietnamese woman who got them from her father who probably brought them to Australia. Very hot, but with a refined burn!

Get a bird bath

Many homes in #Unley don't have a bird bath in their garden. As birds and small animals lose more and more of their habitat (through housing development) the more they rely on us to provide food, water and shelter in our gardens. So if you don't have a bird bath, then get one. Also consider a shallow water dish on the ground for the lizards and other natives that crawl abound. And don't forget a hollow log or two. It gives great joy to see birds in the bird bath; having a drink or a slash on a hot day. And of course the bees 🐝 need water; daily. Your garden will be transformed with more native birds 🤗

11 New faces @ Unley

I just read the blog by Councillor Mike Hudson. He and I agree that at the next election, Unley Council will have more new faces than old. My forecast is extreme, but there could be up to 11 new faces. Whatever, the number of new faces will be high. This is a great opportunity to get more women and a bit more cultural diversity on Council  👵👨👧👴👱‍♀️👩👳 Read Mike Hudson's blog ...