New Mayor drawn from hat at #Unley

Lachlan Clyne, Mayor of Unley has resigned, effective 31 January 2018.
He is standing by his commitment (to resign) given that he is the Liberal candidate for the seat of Badcoe (formerly Ashford).
At the Council meeting on Monday 29 January, Council will appoint an Acting Mayor for the period up to the Council elections in October 2018.
Voting for the this role may be interesting.
If there are 2 or more with the highest and tied votes, then names will be drawn from a hat. The last name drawn will become the Acting Mayor.
I decided months ago that I won't be nominating.
If it does come down to a tied vote then it will be disappointing for those early names drawn from the hat.
This procedure is a requirement under the Local Government Act.

I believe there will be 4-5 Councillors nominating for the position.

It will take someone special to hold together the Council in that difficult and potentially disruptive period in the lead up to the Council elections later in the year.