Tree passion @ Parkside

Major felling of trees at Parkside ...

There has been a major uproar by residents about the felling of so many trees at 186 Greenhill Road, Parkside just before Christmas ... and 4-5 more trees are planned to be removed.
Residents are just so annoyed by what has happened.
It happened without any warning and Council had no prior knowledge of the planned activity.
A review has revealed that all the the trees felled were what is classed as 'non-regulated' and the property owner had a legal right to remove them.
This is a legal right imposed by the State Government.

What was a forest is now just 5 trees. One is scheduled to be removed soon. The other 4 trees are what is classed as 'regulated' and they require planning approval. I understand that approval will be considered in January/February 2018 by the Council Assessment Panel.

I am sure that this meeting will be well attended by local residents.