Goody Butcher

Bravo Butcher 👍

On Friday I went to the local butcher at Goodwood; BTW it's one of the best butcher shops in SA!
Anyway, I went to collect the Christmas order; before the rush on Saturday.
I thought, as a treat I would get the dog a couple bones; some nice beef rib bones; the safest type for dogs.
I was staggered to learn that the butcher had no bones; not a single bone.
However, I was pleasantly surprised to hear that the entire stock of bones had been donated to the RSPCA/AWL.
What a nice Christmas gesture.
It reflects the general goodwill that pervades the shopping strip @ Goodwood.

My dog gets no bone for Christmas, but the dogs at the animal shelters will have a nice treat 👍

When next considering making a donation to charity, why not send a few dollars to the Animal Welfare League. They do so much with so little. It's a great cause!